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What is Leather Mate™

Leather Mate™ is a bee's wax, sealing product which can be used on any shiny leather and even some exotic skins, such as snake, alligator and lizard. It does not contain harsh products like silicone, alcohol or lye and therefore will not crack the leather. In fact Leather Mate™ increases the suppleness of the leather which helps prevent cracking and fading.

We think the Before and Afters speak for themselves...

Leather Mate™ puts a beautiful finish to all your leathers. It only take a few seconds to apply, works on all colors and is excellent for removing salt stains. The secret to best results of Leather Mate™ is to use a very small amount. Dab the sponge provided with your Leather Mate™ jar in the product, carefully removing any excess then swab the sponge on the leather item, spreading it evenly. The less you use the better the results and the longer it will last.


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